Women CranioSacral

Relax, and feel renewed and ready to face the world. Move beyond pain and stress into a place of peace. CranioSacral Therapy embraces your symptoms and unravels what is locked deep within, holding, accepting and integrating this into wholeness. In CranioSacral Healing, I meet your body where you are and guide you as you let go of pain and discomfort, replacing them with a safer, calmer you. When you work with me, you are taking care of your own needs, and you’re in a better position to care for those around you. Every body can feel joyful and alive.
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Your child may not say they’re in pain, but they’ll express the effects of a playground fall or bump on the head with changes in mood, energy levels, lack of cooperation, or other problem behaviors. CranioSacral Therapy restores harmony in your family — even when you don’t what know hurts inside. Treating your child early can set them up for a healthier adult life, and continuing treatment exponentially reinforces the work. The nervous system of a child responds beautifully to CranioSacral, setting up lasting patterns of health and resilience. It’s a great investment that last a lifetime.
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Baby CranioSacral

Your baby cries. All babies do. When your baby cries so much nobody is getting any sleep, you’re not experiencing the joy you’ve been looking forward to — and neither is your baby. Baby CranioSacral Therapy can help if your baby is having breastfeeding problems with latching on, gaining weight or sleeping. She may be expressing labor and birth trauma you’re not even aware of. There are steps you can take right now to help your family enjoy being in love. When your baby rests better, everyone in the family rests better.
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